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$ 4,800.00 MXN

Promote your little one's independence, curiosity and confidence.

Help your child achieve developmental goals while allowing them to explore their own abilities and limits with the folding triangle, this piece of equipment has many play possibilities, being so versatile it offers the perfect opportunity to undertake long sessions of imaginative play.

The first years of life can be the most difficult and exhausting. Your child grows faster than you can hide breakable objects, but you can give your little one the power to be fearless and learn everything their body can do. This high-quality wooden triangle allows for free range of motion and provides a safe environment to inspire self-confidence and bodily autonomy. Encourage your child to venture higher and higher up the poles until he smiles with satisfaction when he finally reaches the top.

Ideal for moms and dads with young children, we are here to help!

Ways to play: It is not necessary to wait until your child can climb to use his triangle. You can use it from birth to encourage kicking and reaching overhead, promote independence when sitting, and strengthen standing muscles.

As your child begins using the folding climbing triangle, add an accessory like the reversible ramp or climbing ramp to expand play options.

Do not leave children alone without supervision.

We suggest placing a soft mat under the climbing structure.

Product Details:

Small folding triangle:

    • Material: FSC Birch Plywood
    • Measurements: 76cm high x 60cm wide
    • Maximum Weight: 40kg.
    • Recommended ages:
  • 9 months - 4 years

Short Reversible Ramp

Your little one is no longer a baby. So, how to encourage its development without feeling like you're starting from scratch?

Easily turn your baby's favorite climbing toys into their favorite toys during their next stage of development . The perfect accessory for any of your climbing furniture.

Maintaining the excitement of exploration and movement can be exhausting as your child's development begins to progress. Keep their interest by adding a challenge and an extra layer of fun with this small wooden ramp that has steps on one side and the other is smooth to function as a slide. The steps are perfectly sanded with rounded edges for continuous and safe play.

Our short reversible wooden ramp is compatible with any of our climbing arches, climbing triangles and seesaws.

Ways to play: The steps will be used to raise and lower levels of the seesaw. Once they are on the climbing triangle, they can slide down the smooth side or even race cars along the ramp. As a climbing ramp it will help the little ones to get on the sofa or bed and it can be turned on the smooth side to use it as a slide to go down.

Product Details:

  • Measurements: 112 cm long x 28.5 cm wide.
  • Maximum weight: 55 kg
  • Made from FSC birch plywood

All of our climbing equipment is protected with a non-toxic acrylic wood sealant, extending the life of wooden furniture and making it easier to clean.


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In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, we have stopped including printed tutorials on our packaging. Instead, you can find a video tutorial for assembling your wooden children's furniture HERE .

For more information about the warranty, care and maintenance of your Wiwiurka wooden furniture, click HERE .

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